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A Presence Detector or an Occupancy Sensor are designed to Sense “Sitting”, “Sedentary" or “Low Intensity” movements like typing on a keyboard or reading a document or just simply having a meeting. As per Steinel, only the Passive Infrared Technology is used for this type of sensor. These presence detectors are only available in a Ceiling Mount Version.

Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor


IR Quattro High Definition

is a pathbreaking occupancy sensor from Steinel for conference & meeting rooms, libraries, labs, class rooms and other applications.

The primary difference between a Motion Sensor and a Presence Detector / Occupancy Sensor is that the former detects Large Movements like Standing & Walking while the latter detects minute, fine, small and low intensity motions. Here also lies its reasons for the cost differential between the two.

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Motion Detectors or Motion Sensors are essentially the same. As per Steinel, they detect large body movements like Walking / Running etc. where the complete human body gets scanned by the Sensor Modules placed inside the Movement Detector. A Motion Sensor Switch can either be actuated using either a Passive Infrared (P.I.R) or a

Microwave Motion Sensor


Typically, the Doppler Sensor & the High Frequency (HF) based motion sensors are used for Indoor Applications while the Infrared Motion Sensors can be used for both Indoor as well as Outdoor applications. Some of the Common uses for these Outdoor PIR Motion Sensors are Driveways, Pathways, Car Porch, Gardens, Perimeter Security, Factory Loading Bay and other

Outdoor Wall Mount Motion Sensors

like the Infrared Detector IS-300 &

Outdoor Passive Infrared Motion Detector IS-3180

are all versatile PIR Motion Sensors.

Don’t miss our Award Winning Motion Detector SENSIQ which is an ideal Passive Infrared (P.I.R) motion sensor for outdoor uses. It continues to remain unique in more ways than one. Read More

The Indoor Movement Detection for this sensor module is again designed to detect large motion patterns like Walking & Running. These Indoor Motion Sensors can be available in a Ceiling Mount or a Wall Mounted version however the former is more popular and ubiquitously used. Some of the popular Indoor Ceiling Mount Passive Infrared Motion Detectors are the Passive Infrared Motion Sensor Switch IS-345 for passages, corridors & Aisles and the 360° Ceiling Mount PIR Detector, IS 3360.

Any 12-24V supply rated motion sensor or occupancy sensor is essentially used by Professionals like Lighting System Integrators & Lighting Design Professionals to integrate the control system with third party devices to communicate the status of an area to the central controller. These Low Voltage PIR (Passive Infrared) motion sensor range comes with the power packs that are powered with a 230V input supply and an output of 12V to 24V which is fed to the Passive Infrared Motion Sensor or the Ceiling Mount Occupancy Sensor. The Switching relay housed within the Power Pack is a SCR (Triac) which is fired at a zero cross over for a better switching life cycle.

Steinel uses the KNX & DALI protocols to communicate with compatible devices or else the standard NO/NC potential free contacts are available with most of the Motion Sensors for 3rd party device communication. Steinel has launched a

Low Voltage Passive Infrared Occupancy Sensor, IR Quattro

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